Probe2Bolt Adapters

Note:  Solextract is Focusing on the Maker’s Vise.  We may have a few sets of Probe2Bolt if you’re interested, but are not actively marketing them.

Solar Extraction Technologies would love for you to try our innovative new adapter set specifically designed for power electronics professionals and hobbyists.  Probe2Bolt Adapters are designed to allow for secure connections to common test points like screw heads, nuts & bolts, and cage terminal blocks.

This product was crowdfunded through Kickstarter.  Our video is still up for those who would like to see our products in use.  Thank you backers!

As part of our kickstarter campaign, we promised the DIY community a video detailing how you can make Probe2Bolt adapters at home.  Visit this page if you would like to learn how to make or alter Probe2Bolt adapters:

How to Make/Alter Probe2Bolt Adapters

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